The Organisation

Who We Are

Established in 2020 by retired civil servants, eminent academicians, legal professionals, and leading public personalities, Centre for Advanced Research and Development Studies (CARDS) is a Siwan, Bihar based think tank and research institute. This organization works for the empowerment of society through empirical research works and in-depth studies of contemporary challenges to our democracy, nation, and society. As a leading think tank, it is also intended to works as a platform for dialogue and publishes books, working paper, research journal, etc. in vernacular and English languages. Our highly professional and experienced members have conducted various research projects funded by international and national agencies and have written more than 18 books, nearly four dozen research papers, and more than 50 editorial columns for various print and online magazines on social, political, legal as well as administrative issues. Currently, CARDS is working on 3 projects related to impact assessment of the Consumer Protection Act, the mid-day meal scheme, and the PDS system besides more than dozens of planned awareness campaigns and online webinar series.

What we do

The operational area of CARDS is very vast and diverse which includes legal aid and advisory support, capacity building and institutional development, advocacy and awareness campaign, research study and publication, monitoring and evaluation, field facilitation, networking and alliance building. We are currently working on 3 research projects and we have planned a theme-based monthly awareness campaign. In the field of alliance-building, CARDS is collaborating with its associates My Dream Life Foundation (Jamshedpur), Navjeevan Research and Development Society (Dhanbad), and Human Empowerment and Research Society (Varanasi) to organize a joint webinar series named “National Youth Dialogue”. We have also planned several livelihood related training programs, field research methodology workshops, and skill development workshops in collaboration with our associates, universities, and government agencies.


1. To undertake empirical research projects and formulates ideas on contemporary issues as per the mandate of the society.
2. To publish research journal, books, working papers and project reports etc.
3. To organize training workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences and awareness campaigns.
4. To provide knowledge support to policy-making bodies, various development and funding agencies, and civil society organizations.
5. To enhance the capacity of research institutions/ centres, as well as individual researchers in institutes and universities, by developing study materials.
6. To act as a resource centre for students and to extend the knowledge through setting up of branches.
7. To Facilitate Social Development and Gender Equity.
8. To undertake other related activities approved by Governing Body and Project Committee of the Society.